Since I was a little one, I used to collect pieces of paper.

Candy wraps, notes, wrappingpapers, tickets, postcards, magazines, 

books, paperbags, hangtags. Basicly all paperstuff you find in the world. 

Never thought I would make my work out of it: but luckily I did. 

I work as a freelance concept/graphic/illustration designer. 

You can hire me for various projects like: branding (logo, businesscards), moodboards & styling, graphic design for books, magazines, birth and wedding announcements and illustrations. 


I'm currently working from Shanghai, but the world is so small these days, so you're welcome to contact me from anywhere in the world! 

Philippine Ruskamp

1989, The Netherlands


HEMA Far East ltd, Nederlands Consulaat Shanghai, XpertHealth, Central Studio's, Vd Berg Roses, KTGA Events, Orange Panda, Nedap, Debao, Swiss Butchery


POM Amsterdam, RTL Late Night, Sibiz Events, ALLEstoelen.nl, Libelle, Arte-Fact



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